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Classes start April 12th!

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Brand School by BrandTwist is the premier online program for entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits who want to build more distinctive and profitable brands with great impact.

About Brand School by BrandTwist

Brand School by BrandTwist is the premier program for entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to move their businesses forward with a TWIST.

The TWIST is what will set you apart from your competition, allow you to charge a premium for what you do best and have you fall in love with your business again. It is your most valuable business asset.

In Brand School, we help you find your TWIST. It is our learning-by-doing program where we work with you to develop a brand strategy that will TWIST you away from your competition and allow you to connect with your most profitable audiences.

We believe Brand School is the most powerful development investment you can make.

You will achieve results far greater than expected for your business and for yourself.

Will Brand School by BrandTwist really grow my business?

Designed to transform your business with a TWIST.

Brand School has helped hundreds of Alumni completely transform their businesses with fresh perspectives. This is by design. Julie Cottineau created Brand School to do just that.

Our students enroll in Brand School feeling stuck. They believe the potential of what they offer, but they need to find their TWIST to get to their business to that next level and beyond.

Our students graduate Brand School with a powerful brand strategy that drives immediate and ongoing results. And we make sure of it.  

You will too. With our online instruction, LIVE classes, TWIST exercises, individual feedback and one-on-one coaching; you will graduate with the tools you need to move your business forward with clear direction, including:

  • A clear focus on your most profitable customers and ideal target
  • A ¬†full understanding of your ideal target and how to turn them into brand fans for life
  • A brand promise with a TWIST that will truly connect with your ideal target
  • A strategic brand framework to guide all your business decisions
  • An elevator pitch with a TWIST that will actually work
  • A personal brand story with a TWIST that will add great value to your business
  • Tools, templates and briefs to drive your core design elements, imagery and how you talk about your business
  • A clear road map to make your TWIST live across your entire business

Brand School Course Details:

The full Brand School program runs over two semesters:

Semester I: Brand School Master (8 weeks)

Semester II: Brand School Prime (5 weeks)